We have lots of choices in types of firewood depending on what u like and want to use it for. From inexpensive pine for outdoor fires to specialty wood for a like hickory, cherry, apple or pear firewood for a food smoker.

                                                                              1/3 cord      2/3

Pine Firewood                                                              140             280
Mixed Hardwoods Firewood                                         195             390
Oak Firewood                                                              275             550
Black Walnut Firewood                                                275             550
Hickory Firewood                                                        295             590
Cherry Firewood                                                          295             590
Apple Firewood small bundles                                        sold out
Pear Firewood by the piece                                     $4/piece

  We started cutting and selling firewood on our farm in 1980. The first year we split it all with a monster maul but by the next year we had built a hydraulic splitter that ran off our tractor. From just selling firewood during the winter months as one of our seasonal projects on the farm, customers now want wood year round for smoking food, heat, aesthetics, back yard parties w bonfires and its a great prep item if the grid goes down.