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Farm Market opens July 3, 2019 Hours 11:00am-6:00pm everyday til Halloween.

  The relentless rain this 2019 spring and early summer causing flooding and delaying planting, along with cooler below normal temperatures has delayed our farm market opening til July 3. Then we will b open everyday, including holidays, 11am-6pm til Halloween. Its going to be a tough year for most of the country's farmers ! The wet weather has also limited the amount of firewood we cud get made so order early ! Call or text 440-237-8565 to order. Or u can order at our farm market when u visit to get some veggies !

   In mid December 2018 we sold out of our year old dry hardwoood firewood, but since we're constantly making firewood during the year our 6 month old stuff if closer to burnable than the greener stuff our competitors are selling. We still have dry cherry that u can mix with it tho if u dont want straight cherry. But as of mid June 2019 we have year old dry firewood in all the categories, tho the wet weather has cut back on the amount of firewood we could get made this spring. So order early b4 the fall rush and get prepped for winter in case we sell out again.

  We've had our mulch prices steady for the last 4-5yrs, even tho prices we pay keep going up every couple yrs. Unfortunately our cost went up another $2./yard in 2017 and we had to pass it on, but prices will stay the same in 2019.  So Black mulch and natural un-dyed brown will be $32./yd, dyed brown will be $32./yd and dyed red will be $36/yd. Our mulch delivery prices are usually the cheapest & we're keeping them low starting at $10 delivery in N. Royalton, $15 delivery to Strongsville, Brunswick, Hinckley, Richfield, Broadview Hts., Parma. Delivery prices go up $5/city outside of that range, so for example delivery to Brecksville & Seven Hills is $20.

  Topsoil, dirt and leaf compost delivery prices are $10 more per city than mulch delivery. So for example $20 to deliver dirt in North Royalton, $30 to Brecksville & Seven Hills etc.

The pleasant winter has allowed us to finished next fall/winter firewood here in Mar of '17 - the earliest ever. Thank you for your interest! We deliver firewood to these cities near me: North Royalton, Strongsville, Broadview Heights, Hinckley, Brunswick, Brecksville, Parma, Richfield and more within about 50 miles of Cleveland.
Black mulch delivery in Cleveland area starts in April. We have dyed black brown red and natural mulch. Black mulch delivery in Cleveland area is most popular. Topsoil delivery starts in April as the ground dries out.