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Black Mulch is the most popular mulch we sell and deliver in the Cleveland area. In 1984, when we started selling mulch there was only 1 kind - natural brown bark mulch. Black mulch is made from fresh wood that is shredded with a tub grinder then sprayed with a colored dye. It lasts a little longer than natural mulch because it starts with fresh wood. Natural mulch get its brown color by decomposing & being flipped in big piles. Most of the dyed mulch I know of in the area is dyed with the same dye made by a big manufacture of colored dyes - its the industry standard. Thank you for your interest!

Our black mulch is called double shredded. The price for our black mulch in 2018 is $32/yd. Triple shredding is even finer - more like dirt - it costs more because it gets run thru the shredder again. It may hold its color better and spread easier but doesn't have much texture to it, so it breaks down faster than double shredding.

We deliver black mulch 7 days a week throughout the Cleveland area.

We also deliver black mulch to the following areas near me:
- North Royalton $15
- Strongsville $20
- Broadview Heights $20
- Hinckley $20
- Richfield $20
- Brunswick $20
- Brecksville $25

If u need 2 products delivered the 1st 1 cost regular delivery costs for the city & 2nd product delivery cost is half the regular price. For example topsoil & mulch delivered to Strongsville would cost $30 total for delivery plus the cost of the products. 2 yd minimum for each product.