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Hickory firewood for sale in the Cleveland Ohio area to sell to customers that are usually restaurants that smoke food.  We sell a variety of firewood at Cossel Farms!  Our Mixed Hardwood includes woods such as Maple and Ash.  It's our most popular mix for those with fireplaces.  Our Oak is best for wood burning stoves and inserts used to heat homes because it gives off the most heat and burns the longest.  Our Cherry firewood has a nutty aroma, the fire crackles and pops, and leaves less ash when burned.  It is wonderful for fireplaces.  Black Walnut is rare but we have some this yr again. Our Pine firewood is only recommended to burn outdoors in fire pits and for camping.

We proudly deliver firewood to the following areas in a 50 mile radius and in these areas near me: North Royalton, Brecksville, Strongsville, Broadview Heights, Brunswick, Hinckley and Richfield Ohio.

Black Walnut firewood is nice looking for a display inside a biz. It will also make ur friends full of envy wondering how you could be burning Black Walnut firewood.

Here in an old early March 2012 pic u can see we've been stockpiling hardwood firewood for the fall. Since the farm is a mud pit, we've been bringing it to our farm market so we can work on it on concrete and not have muddy fiewood. Whatever it takes to get u seasoned firewood that will burn when u get it.  Although we sell firewood in the Cleveland & Medina areas all year long, most people order it in the fall.  Some early birds like to pick it up at our farm market in North Royalton during the summer, and we like to be prepared so they are happy getting dry, seasoned firewood.

We Deliver Firewood Throughout the Greater Cleveland Ohio Area - Call Us Today!

Delivery prices for firewood start at $20 in North Royalton and go up by $5 for every city in the Cleveland area we go out from there, but generally it's no more than $60 within 35 miles. It’s a flat delivery fee for any quantity, so buy alot ! That price includes us hand-loading our truck, not scooping it up with a machine, delivering it, and dumping it anywhere we can get our truck for you. If you would like the wood stacked, prices start at $35 per 1/3 cord if it is stacked right next to where we can get our truck. Stacking prices increase to $50 or more per 1/3 cord depending on the distance it needs carried away from the truck and obstacles like steps, hills and deep snow to name a few.

Cherry firewood is for sale at our North Royalton location. We sell & deliver firewood in the Cleveland area. Cherry firewood is wonderful for fireplaces. Cherry firewood costs $225 for 1/3 of a cord, which measures 4' high x 8' long x 16" pieces, not including delivery and sales tax. For delivery in North Royalton, ⅓ cord equals a total of $264.60

Type of Wood1/3 Cord
2/3 Cord
Proper Full
Firewood Cord
All Pine      100   200       NA
All Mixed Hardwood      135   260      380
Hardwood / Oak Mix      160   290      425
All Oak      185   350      475
Hickory       200   380      550
Hardwood / Cherry Mix      190   350      490
Oak / Cherry Mix      200   380        525
Black Walnut firewood      205   390      540
Black Walnut/Cherry Mix      215   410      570
All Cherry firewood      225   425      600

City                          Delivery Price
North Royalton        20
Strongsville, Brunswick,
Broadview Hts, Parma,
Middleburg Hts., Hinckley
Brecksville, Independence,
Berea, Valley City, 7 Hills
Columbia Station, Granger twp
Medina, Eaton, Olmstead
Valley View, Garfield Hts,
Maple Hts
Cleveland, Cleveland Hts,
Shaker Hts, Chagrin Falls
Westlake, Bay Village
Lakewood, Aurora,
Solon, Wickliffe, Mentor, Avon
Akron, Kirtland, Moreland HillsElyria

We offer stacking of your firewood if needed. 1/3 cord stacked next to the truck (within 5 ft) is $35. Stacking in most garages if we can back up the truck next to the door is $50 per 1/3 cord. If we're climbing stairs or going around your house its at least $100 per 1/3 cord. If you are interested in us stacking it for you, let us know at the time you are ordering. Final stacking charge will be determined once we see the actual distance & obstacles. Over 95% of our customers keep their firewood in the garage because it stays dry and is easy to get at for a nice cozy fire during a blizzard.

Full-time delivery of firewood starts in Mid-September, which follows our busy season of fresh local farm vegetables and Ohio sweet corn, but we deliver firewood year round limited by the time constraints of the season we're in. Along with delivery of firewood throughout North Royalton and the surrounding Cleveland area, you will also want to stop in and stock up on our winter squash, pumpkins, gourds and festive cornstalks for fall and Halloween at our local North Royalton farm market-at the corner of York & Bennett Rd. We expect to have sweet corn til early-mid Oct for clambakes or your enjoyment most years.

We deliver dry, seasoned firewood 7 days a week throughout fall, winter, spring and in 2018 we were delivering all summer even during 90 degree temps because that's when our customers wanted it ! We deliver 7 days/wk except when it's raining. Some yrs we even keep a bunch in the building during big snow storms. We keep the piles of firewood covered all winter so u get dry firewood that's ready to burn.

Pine firewood is great for camping or burning outside. Not recommended for inside burning in fireplaces because of creasote buildup unless you have your chimney cleaned alot.