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We Have the Most Delicious Ohio Sweet Corn, Vegetables and Local Food in the Area

The above picture shows one of our tomato fields in 2009. Nearby are sweet corn, veggies and fruit just outside this picture. If you live in one of these nearby towns or other areas, please stop by and come visit us during our open season: North Royalton, Strongsville, Brecksville, Broadview Heights, Brunswick, Hinckley and Richfield.

Rows of tomatoes, Ohio sweet corn, and a variety of other fruits and vegetables thrive on our farm. Corn is hand picked fresh everyday so customers get the best tasting experience.  

After harvesting, our produce is immediately sent to our farm market, as well as to the other Ohio farm markets we visit throughout the week. This ensures the freshest, most nutritious way to enjoy our fruits and vegetables, as opposed to buying produce that has traveled for days across the country to your local grocery store.

Our farmers market, located at the corner of York and Bennett Roads in North Royalton, Ohio, kicks off the 2019 season with our opening on July 3, because of the challenging cold wet weather. Visit the market anytime during our business hours, 11am to 6 pm., 7 days a week. Call or text 440-237-8565  Enjoy fresh, local food all summer long and into the fall, right up until Halloween when pumpkin season ends. Mulch and topsoil are also available at our farm market until Fall.

Even when the market is closed for the season, firewood is available for delivery throughout the greater Cleveland area in fall, winter and into the spring just call or text 440-237-8565 anytime to get your delivery or schedule a time to pick up some ready to burn firewood.

get alot of questions about hoophouses vs greenhouses vs hydroponics. these our our hoophouse tomatoes that are now basically finished since we're down to about the last 10 plants that are still producing. this is a plastic covered structure thats heated & the plants are grown in 5gal buckets.a greenhouse is a glass structure thats heated and the plants are either grown in soil or a liquid solution (hydroponic) of water & nutrients & chemicals.

This Hopi Corn Maiden Kachina watches over our sweet corn crop and reminds us to always be thankful for the gifts we get from the earth (mother nature), and also for her continuing ability to feed her children !

Local food and veggies are so much better for you since they go from our farm to our market almost immediately. This is our fresh foods farm market in North Royalton, Ohio.