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Don’t worry about April or May showers in Ohio, we will have dry topsoil for all your landscaping needs as well as other supplies for your yard. We’re conveniently located in North Royalton between Strongsville, Hinckley, Medina and Cleveland Ohio.

We deliver topsoil all over the Cleveland area and to the following areas near me:
- North Royalton
- Strongsville
- Brecksville
- Broadview Heights
- Hinckley
- Brunswick
- Parma
- Richfield

North Royalton’s Topsoil and Landscape Supplier

Our Premium Blended Topsoil is a mixture of topsoil, leaf humus/compost (the pic at the left), and a little sand. It’s great for flower beds and gardens whether you need it for your home in North Royalton or business in the Strongsville, Ohio area. The topsoil is finely shredded and ready to use and only $35/cu. yd. plus i try to adjust the amount of leaf humus/compost to what you are using it for. So for example, flower beds or gardens you'd want more organic matter, and just filling in low spots in your yard to plant grass you'd want less.

We generally only have topsoil available from April until July. The reason is that when our local fresh vegetable farm market opens and we start selling sweet corn and fresh veggies, firewood usually gets put on hold because we don't have time to deliver. We also stop doing mulch and topsoil because we need the space in the parking lot for customer cars and trucks.

Remember Cossel Farms, your best landscape supplier in North Royalton, Ohio.

Shredded dirt/topsoil, mostly clay based in this part of Ohio. Good to use for low spots in yards to plant grass in. Not mixed with humus or sand. Packs hard so it matches the texture of most yards in the Cleveland area.

Fill dirt is good to fill big holes, ravines, trenches, because its cheap since its not shredded, somewhat clumpy, and contains a bunch of junk like rocks, chunks of small wood, roots, broken clay tiles etc. Fill dirt is cheap tho at $10/yd