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Since I'm just your typical poor farmer, I’m going to give you my perspective on jobs that you won't hear from the politically correct people in your life. So besides being poor, let’s also say I’m uneducated so it sounds like a truly down to earth comment by someone who works with their hands for a living. Besides all the media hype to the contrary, we know things are still tough all over, but optimism is surging with the election of a businessman bringing back jobs. Recent government statistics here in March 2018, now show that the economy is picking up, with GDP expected to be growing at about 3% in the U.S. this year, and unemployment seems low under 4% thanks to the creation of so many jobs created by dumping regs & bringing back jobs to usa. Of course the spin on this by the new president is that we expect to see growth maybe 3-4% by next yr. Thankfully, more regs like ACA, TPP & net neutrality, are being dismantled by President Trump & job openings are higher than unemployed people. So my 1st job in high school was stockboy at May Company at $1.40/hr and they no longer exist having been bought out. So if u think $15/hr shud be ur starting wage dont expect to find many opportunities to get ur first job that will open ur eyes to common sense and what the biz world is all about and get ur foot in the door so u can start moving up bc its cheaper for big companies to use robots that show up for work everyday.

Do You Have What it Takes to Work at Our North Royalton, Ohio Farm Markets?

In Cleveland, or Ohio in general, maybe the new natural gas boom will add jobs for the economy. It certainly has in North Dakota, but now that prices are dropping layoffs will go up.  We generally try to do stuff on the farm ourselves. That’s because cutting firewood is dangerous. Picking our local fresh sweet corn and veggies is heavy, hard work.  Loading mulch and topsoil in my truck requires concentration on the job because I get excited if my truck gets scratched or dented for dumb reasons, and going to mobile farm markets requires an ability to do math in your head so people get the correct change every time. If I was going to hire somebody, the 2 qualities I'd look for that would make my day are 1) an ability to do simple math, like adding & subtracting (not commoncore methods), in your head quickly - a hard quality to find since machines do most of that work for people these days, and 2) the ability to put the job before the rest of your life - like vacations, parties, hangovers, tummy aches, funerals for people you don't know personally, sleeping in because the alarm didn't go off, the power went out even though there were no storms in the area, spur of the moment needs for a vacation to relieve your stress, Cedar Point trips with long lost friends, band practice, football practice, choir practice, deciding its too far to drive with your hangover/ lack of sleep last night, a need to fill in at your second "real" job, somebody else pushed you into getting a job to help pay bills but you're not really into the job thing because you feel more comfortable hanging out with your jobless friends, etc. I could go on but I don't want to bore you like even I get bored, since I've heard all these excuses, and more, already because I'm old. If you're the typical young adult looking for their 1st job - then expect to do what your parents do - get up and go to work everyday!!  All farms are about work and getting things done - not excuses on why you need to miss work.

For some reason, in the past, its been rare to find people with the desirable attributes that would be important for a job on a farm, which is why we do the work ourselves. Can u find 17 things to accomplish in 1 day or wouId you be on your smart device? If you think you have those qualities that I feel are important, you can apply at our farm market in person or by calling or texting (440) 237-8565. The first thing you should know, even before you call, is that I'm a mean boss, at least that's the feedback I get from people who try to get jobs here. Please, consider how fragile, busy, or committed you are before wasting both of our time because I'm busy too. Maybe you'd be better off doing something else with your time, like texting, updating Facebook, tweeting, using Foursquare, snapchat, or IG, so your friends can see how stressed you are about not being able to find a job. Also, consider if you can handle having someone who's not on your intellectual level tell you what to do that may not be an intellectually based idea, but makes total common sense. Is that something you can handle? I don't mind people checking on their social media occasionally because I do it too, but if your face needs to be glued to your device because you are so popular, or are working to be, find a job at a social media company, or just tell your parents a job would be too stressful - lots of kids do, suprisingly.

So what does it take to make most bosses happy? It’s simple. Show up for work and give it your best. If you get hired somewhere, it’s because someone sees your potential; however, it’s up to you to prove you can handle it, and that you can deal with the challenges of the learning curve. Thanks for your interest!  Have a nice day!

Of course, on the other hand, if you do get a job at some small business, you might learn things that they don't teach you in school and that will be very useful in the real world, like common sense.