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Black Walnut firewood for sale in Cleveland area is back again for 2018. We had some last yr & it was very popular but its rare bc most of the tree goes for lumber to make furniture, etc. Try some Black Walnut firewood alone or mix it with Cherry firewood !!

Cherry firewood for sale in the Cleveland area is available all year. It gets more popular every yr !  We have some back in stock for 2018, but order early - it goes fast because besides fireplaces people are using cherry firewood to smoke food & pizza all summer. Hickory & Oak firewood delivery is also popular for backyard smoking of food. You can buy firewood by the piece at our local North Royalton farm market if that's all u need for a quick barbecue.

OUR NORTH ROYALTON FARM MARKET WILL OPEN TO THE PUBLIC JUNE 23, 2018 or earlier depending on spring planting weather. We'll be open everyday, 7 days/wk - including holidays 11am-6pm til Halloween, and we usually have sweet corn til at least mid Oct for clambakes & die hard corn fans.

The 8 months out of the year we're not open to the public we are still out everyday delivering Mulch & Firewood in the Cleveland area - call 440-237-8565 and TEXT or leave a message to order.

We welcome visitors from the Cleveland area and all over northeast Ohio plus these areas near me: North Royalton, Hinckley, Brecksville, Broadview Heights, Strongsville, Parma and Richfield.

Worlds hottest peppers: growing in buckets couple yrs ago are Carolina Reaper, Bhut Jolokia and Red Scorpion at our local farm market in North Royalton. Growing in pots and buckets gets u an earlier crop. Haven't decided on this years project yet.

Slow cold start to the 2014 veggie season, even the garlic patch is way behind normal!

Feb 12 Brian Duffy ch 19 WOIO Cleveland had the boss on 2 discuss the firewood shortage in OH & many parts of the USA. Link on FB pg

starting hot pepper seeds with a homemade hothouse. these seeds require higher temps than most normal seeds 2start growing.

Peeta 3.0 gets his 1st kill !

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Red new hottest pepper. Excited 2start planting4 www.cosselfarms.com This little pile of seeds of the 3 hottest peppers in the world cost us $110. Bhut Jolokia now #2 hottest.

Local Honey may b hard 2find if these sub 0 temps kill lots of bees. My friends w/hives thought i was crazy 4buying all their honey last fall,mayb they'll change their mind now.

Peeta 3.0 is the newest addition to our family farm after peeta 2.0 got killed by a car on Bennett Rd. Same parents, different litter, but they look almost identical hence the lack of creativity in the naming. Training to be a hunter, unlike Peeta in the Hunger Games movie!

Here in Nov 2013, unfortunately due to high demand, we are already sold out of our beautiful cherry firewood, but everything else is still available. we expect to have a price increase after Thanksgiving so order your wood now!

Mulch & Topsoil starting here in the Spring of 2013. Hickory firewood has been added, priced the same as oak, for businesses and folks who like to use it to smoke food.

As we head into winter 2012 the firewood is seasoned and covered so u can burn it when u get it.

While everyone else is raising food prices because of the drought we are lowering our sweet corn prices because we've been irrigating and it looks like a nice crop, so far, at least thru August.

Our farm market opened inside the wk of July 16th. The drive-thru portion of our market is also open. Our hours are everyday 11am-7pm all summer. We are open everyday, even holidays and Sundays until Halloween.  For our drive-thru just drive around the back of the building and pick up veggies on the north side.

As we start July we are happy that its not raining like it did last yr. because its much nicer when we give them the proper amount of water ourselves. This pic of watering sweet corn was taken June 30, 2012.

Check out our Cossel Farms fan page on Facebook if you need mulch or topsoil delivered in April, May or June 2013 we have a $10 off normal delivery prices, and all u have to do is click "Like" on the top of our fan page to get the deal !! Or if you are a repeat customer, you also get $10 off delivery. If you didn't need the mulch deal you should still become a fan because we'll be telling you about deals on veggies all summer. For example, last yr (2012) we had a ton of Zuc early and the deal July 1-6, was get a free zucchini with any purchase !

Here in May 2012 we are finishing stacking firewood, selling and delivering mulch and topsoil to folks in the Cleveland area and surrounding cities like Strongsville, Hinckley and North Royalton. We've also started planting sweet corn on the Hinckley farm and prepping farm ground for the major onslaught of planting season that lasts until mid July.

Read the Latest News About All the Local Farmers Markets We Visit

This page provides updates about our North Royalton farmers market as well as what is going on at the other farmers markets we deliver to and attend in Parma, Hudson, Strongsville, Brunswick and Medina. You will find the latest news on mulch, topsoil, fresh sweet corn, veggies, pumpkins and firewood.

Here at the start of March 2012 preparations are underway for veggie season. Peppers are started. The Tomatoes in the greenhouse are almost a foot tall. Garlic that we started in pots is twice as big as the ones we planted in the field late in the fall. Weather has been really nice this winter and I'm just hoping for a dry spring.

As we start December, selling firewood is the main project in North Royalton, Strongsville, Hinckley and surrounding areas for our customers.

sweet corn picking starts at cossel farms !!

On July 19 2011 we had a devastating flood on our granger muck soil farm.  We got between 3.25 - 4 inches of rain in a 2 hr period, and the neighbors told us the total rainfall was almost 6 inches, that totally flooded Granger ditch and turned it into a raging river. we had over 8 acres of crops under more than a foot of water.

Here at the end of June 2011 we are now at Hudson, Medina, and Stern's Farm in Parma Farmers Markets every Saturday 9am - 12:30pm all summer til the end of September. Come get some wonderful fresh veggies !!!

As we move toward the middle of June, planting is mostly back to normal. We expect to open the drive-thru portion of our farmers market on Thursday June 16.  Just follow the signs & drive around the back of the building and pick up veggies on the north side. June 18th we start attending the Hudson & Medina farmers markets Sat a.m. from 9-12:30 every wk all summer.

The 3rd week of May and it's still raining all the time. We've missed some early sweet corn planting, but our veggie planting plans are still on track for normal. We normally put transplants in the ground into plastic around the end of May. Warm weather and sunshine would be nice. Maybe all summer the weather will make up for this cold, wet spring!

New this year: The Medina farmers market will be accepting Ohio SNAP (Food Stamps) for program participants every Saturday in the summer.

In early April, we send our annual mulch and topsoil coupons to previous customers. Just putting on labels, then stamps.

While I'm doing the simple stuff like coupons, my brother took the top half of the engine apart.

By late March we have all of our seeds. Our onion transplants will arrive in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, we're working on farm equipment and getting excited about planting and working outside on the farm!

Doing some engine work on one of our big old Allis tractors. This is a 4w-305